Sunday, January 18

Hexagon Diamonds... & So Upset!

Here are three Hexagon Diamonds for my Hexagon Quilt-Along , see the button on my sidebar.

It's a group that I'm in because I LOVE hexagons...not quite sure yet what these will end up in, but I'm thinking a big star as a centre medallion.

I'm not happy today... we have a saying here that was in a Yellow Phone Pages ad..."Not happy Jan"...the Aussie girls will relate to it!
I went to buy some fabrics online yesterday, all went well, seemed to go through OK....then I got a message that my card had been put on "HOLD" transaction could take place!
Someone had got hold of my card details and tried to put through a couple of transactions...the bank picked up on it and cancelled my card...Good thing the bank is on the ball!
So now I have to wait for a new card!
OK, got that out of my system!

I was so upset, I couldn't think straight....Now perhaps I will get time to work on my Civil War quilt.

A lot cooler today, threatning to rain, so it's pretty cloudy and humid ...
Hope you are having a good weekend....♥


  1. Oh Julia, that is terrible about your card. I'm glad the theft was caught early.
    Your hexagons are beautiful.
    Glad you are getting relief from the heat, the rain should help. We had snow flurries here today.

  2. I love the colors of your hexagon blocks.

    The credit card thing is scarey. People are getting away with that all the time. It makes me want to cancel mine but you need it to make reservations or order something on-line or on phone. I don't know what to do.

  3. Credit card number stealing is becoming so common place. Bad news.
    I wish I could find time to work on the hexagon quilt I want to make. I like the way you have centered your hexagons on a design.

  4. How awful Julia but you were lucky your bank is on the ball! My cc was used for over $700 worth of "asian" airfares and my bank didn't pick it up, luckily my DH checked the account and found it!!

  5. Like you say, good thing the bank is on the ball. A lucky escape.

    Your hexagons look good.

  6. julia that happened to me last year and i had to wait a week for the new card it is so annoying but it could have been a lot worse if the bank had not nipped it in the bud..thinking of you hun lynnie

  7. The hexagons are looking really good, you've been busy. I had my credit card compromised twice last year, The banks are good at picking up discrepencies, both times it was straight after using Amazon.

  8. sorry to hear about your credit card, but glad to hear the bank somehow picked it up, thats a comforting thought at least, it's something I keep wondering about, so my last few purchases online I used one of those visa gift cards that you can get at the post office.
    The hexagons are beautiful.

  9. Criminals are bad people. Good thing the bank was on the ball. Your hexagons are adorable.

  10. That is so scary about your credit card. How lucky for you the bank picked up on it. I wish they could find a way to make it impossible to do that. I do lots of shopping online and it scares me. The Visa gift card someone mentioned is a pretty good idea.

  11. How awful to have your credit card details stolen! You must have felt so vulnerable. And also couldn't buy your fabrics. But it is good that the bank was being careful. Monday will be better! Way better...and soon you'll be able to get those sweet fabrics!

  12. Love those blocks.
    It is all very well having these cards, but the risks are high. There has to be a better way!

  13. Beautiful hexagons...bummer about the card but at least the bank was onto it ....

  14. I am so sorry that happened to you....that makes my heart so sad.

    Identity theft is so wrong on so many levels. I hope they get caught and go to jail.


  15. Hello Julia, love your hexagons, especially the colours you have chosen.Lucky the bank protected you.Scary stuff.Warm here today,Take Care Regards Lyn

  16. Hexagons are looking great!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  17. Just stumbled across your blog and can't wait to read back a bit.

    The hexagons are FANTASTIC! Love the fabrics.

    Sorry to hear about the credit card problem. We had our number stolen last summer, but the bank didn't catch it...someone in Chicago now owns a Sony Playstation that they used our credit card to buy.

    have a great week!


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