Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year..let's make it a good one!

Happy New Year 2009 everyone!
I wish you all much good health, peace and happiness.
Lots of productive quilting/stitching time.
I think I will start the New Year with a new project...this to me will symbolize a new beginning to hopefully a wonderful new year!
Stay safe, until next time..♥


  1. Hi Julia, Thanks for the good wishes and I can't wait to see what new projects you begin work on. I'm still working on a blog post about the Godey's Lady's Magazine - wish you were here to see the original. It's amazing that it survived from Dec. 1867! I wish you and your family many blessings in the new year. Mildred

  2. What a wonderful idea I might just do that as well...I was going to start one sometime in January but today I think could be the day!!! Thank you for the inspiration!!! Happy New Year, Happy Stitching...Dzintra

  3. Happy New Year, Julia! Lovely idea starting a new project, but don't neglect the UFOs! *grin*

  4. H-A-P-P-Y N-E-W Y-E-A-R to YOU!!

  5. Happy Quilty 2009 Julia!!
    Hugs Shari

  6. A very Happy New Year to you my new friend.


  7. ..and the same to you too thanks Julia! Hope 2009 is wonderful.
    A new project is a great way to start...Have fun :o)
    Robyn xx

  8. Julie! Happy New Year! And let me wish you great ideas, a lot of free time for crafting and health and love for you and your family. And excuse me for my English, I`m more reader, but not writer :))). I try to put translator on my blog for you.

  9. Happy New Year to you as well Julia....

  10. Happy New Year Julia! 8-)
    Happy stitchings & quilting! 8-)
    Happy, happy, happy! 8-)

  11. Julia, wishing you the very best for 2009.


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