Monday, January 26

Happy Australia Day!....

Today the 26th January is our national Australia Day.
Here you can read about our History
We are having a lovely mild day of 30 degrees Celsius today so I think there will be a lot of barbecues getting fired up here today.
There's nothing like a barbie, it doesn't matter if you have just eaten, the smell of a neighbours barbecue, just makes you want to have one too.
I'd like to share a couple of Aussie things with you...

These are my Dh's great books of poems by two very famous Aussies and illustrated by another famous Aussie Pro Hart..
Just for fun below is /was another famous icon in the outback, but I don't think there are too many of them left...thank goodness!!

The dunny or loo is derived from the Old English word "hleow" which means a small shelter. In reality, it is the local slang for an outhouse toilet located in the backyard.

Below is my little pottery collection of Aussie Dunnies...just a fun little collection that I've had for years....Hmm, by the look of it, I think the dust bunnies have been around again!

I came to Australia from Malta in 1953 as a 10 year old (that's giving my age away) with my mother and father, and I have to say I call myself an Aussie and proud to be one.
Have a great Australia day ..

I am feeling an overwhelming feeling of gratitude today, this day last year my Dh had a terrible accident, so I am very grateful that he is here with me today to celebrate this day this year..
A deep heartfelt thank you to my family and friends who helped us get through a terrible year...
It's all good from now on....♥

From my heart...♥


  1. Julia, I was not aware of your husband's accident one year ago. I am so thankful that he is better and you two are looking forward together. I love your cute collection and the poetry and illustrations look interesting.

  2. I have never seen a collection of out houses before. This is the first. I do remember having a toy out house when I was a child. You put water in it and when you opened the door a little boy would pee on you!:D
    Happy Australia Day!

  3. love to both you and reno on this special day love lynnie

  4. Oh yep that's aussie....An out back Thunder box!!!
    I am having guests today for a Barbie and have even made fruit salad and a pav...Yum!!!
    Enjoy today and the celebration of such a great and unique land we live in.

  5. Happy Australia Day Julia, yes we are having a barbie tonight when DH comes home from work and a beer of course.I remember when your DH had his accident.A heartfelt wish from me that all is well know.Hugs Lyn

  6. Have a great Australia Day, and the weather is typical Australian today, enjoyed your post.

  7. Hey Julia1 Happy Australia Day! I wish you and your husband a great year! :)

  8. Happy Australia Day!!! You do have much to celebrate!! I backtracked about your time last year... I'm glad your hubby came through...
    Love your little collection of Aussie Dunnies!! Too cute!!! Dust Bunnies and all!!! We have a saying here, "Dust is a part of country decor..." 8-)

  9. Hugs to you and your family Julia!
    Family is so precious! I'm glad your DH is ok and sharing it with you.
    Happy Australia Day Mate!
    Aussie Aussie Aussie!!
    Robyn xx

    Love your dunnies...I have one that I made many years ago and in true dunny style, a corner of the roof is broken off now...tee hee

  10. Great post Julia, I used to holiday with an Aunt in NZ and her only loo was the outside dunny just like the picture, at night you try to hold it in, it was scary in the dark!

  11. Happy Holiday...glad you're husband is well and you can have a fun day together. Your dunny collection is adorable-they look so much more attractive in ceramic, don't they!


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