Wednesday, January 7

Cross - Stitch Sampler Memories..

I was going through my photos yesterday to make up a collage of old photos for a birthday present.
Every time I see photos of my Grand children when they were little, I can't help but smile and think of the laughter and happy times we shared together.
The above cross-stitch sampler I made when our first grand child was born...that was 27 years ago..
Here is Glenn our first grand child...a bundle of joy, so happy, always laughing , loved having a bath....always a pleasure to have around.

27 years have gone by so quickly..
Here is Glenn today, a gorgeous 27 year old young adult, who is living his dream as an Events Manager with an award winning winery in our beautiful Swan Valley wine region....Glenn organizes the pop concerts and all the events that takes place there.
Just the other week he had Alica Keys performing at the winery..
We are so proud of you you heaps..♥
Until next time...♥


  1. A very handsome grandson and what an exciting job. I know you are very proud and the cross stitch is just beautiful.

  2. wow...good to see your work and your handsome grandson.

  3. That's awesome Julia! He still has the same smiley face!
    Thanks for popping by my blog.
    Could you be tempted to start another...that'd be fun.
    Check this out. This is where we'll be sewing together.
    Hope to see the one you're currently finishing.
    I've been handstitching today :o)
    Robyn xx

  4. Wow! Glen has Paul Newmans eyes! My grandfather had eyes like that too. He's very handsom and it sounds like he's done very well for himself. I know you must be very proud of him.


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