Thursday, January 29

Civil War Quilt,....4 Corners..

Back onto my Civil War Quilt...
These are the four corners for the quilt... they still need to be trimmed back to size.
The Red Northern Lilly block, Clay's Choice is a block named after Henry Clay, unfortunately the brown pinwheel doesn't show up as much as the cream does on the block.
The Yellow Southern Rose block, and the Logcabin block...

Well, it had to happen didn't it!....I ran out of the cream background fabric...just another 8 inches is all I needed ....just enough to add spacers to either sides to the corner blocks. I had enough for two corners, but not all four!
I searched the net for hours looking for a match....nothing! I was getting so upset, all this work for nothing!
Pat had a look in her stash to see if she had a possible close match, but nothing that was really close enough....Thank you for trying Pat...♥
Lurline popped in, we laid the quilt on the floor and had a good look at it.... discussed different ways to solve the problem. Trying to match the fabric was out....close enough for me was not going to be good enough, it would bug me no end if it didn't match perfectly.
Lurline had the great idea of not even trying to find a match, do away with the spacers near the corner blocks and just enlarge the corner blocks to fit...perfect!
I was also going to carry the Underground Railroad sashing up to meet each other and have it frame the nine patches all around, but now I need to take one off to make room for the corner blocks to fit hard to explain.
All that matters now is that I can finish the quilt and be happy with it..
Thank you Lurline...♥

I really thought by making the quilt two rows smaller, I would have enough background fabric...
So there you go, moral is.... make sure you have enough fabric before you start a quilt, not like me, get so excited and jump in head first....

Off to finish the quilt...stay cool or warm where ever you are...♥


  1. It sure is going to pretty. You have some wonderful friends to help you work out a solution. I can hardly wait to see the finished project. By the way, I am loving all of Joe's recipes on his new blog. Thanks.

  2. I'm glad Lurlene was able to help. I know how frustrating that can be when you get so far and discover you are short on fabric.
    It happens to all of us....

  3. Lurline is a good friend and has a good eye for this sort of thing. So glad you've worked out a solution as we'd love to see your quilt finished! Will this go to QW?

  4. I just can't wait to see this completed quilt Julia, I bet it's going to be a stunner!!! Yay for Lurline for fixing your dilemma :o)!!
    Joy :o)

  5. oh julia ,i don't know what i would of done but experience has taught me there has to be a plan b and it usually works out better in the end love lynnie

  6. Gosh it's hard isn't it Julia, when you run out of fabric...and I know what you mean about not being satisfied...Sounds like you came up with a good solution.
    I am also doing a CW quilt.
    Doing an UGRR quilt. I have 15 blocks made and have been trying to decide for some time now how many I want. I know my layout, but just not how big...ah well, in time.
    Hye, thanks for popping by and commenting on my Mr Byrd. Funny Jossie said I should make a Mrs Byrd too...We'll see :p
    Robyn xx

  7. We've all been there, good solution! Sometimes someone else looking at it will provide the perfect fix. Can't wait to see it done now.

  8. Hi Julia. your job and very beautiful and jobs very fast I like so much quilt but still I am not good to begin one... Compliments it is stupendous... I must learn. ....


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