Wednesday, December 31

We're having a Heat, hot!

It's hotting up here down under...
The weather man said in the high 30's Celsius all this week, with the hottest day being New Years Day...Well, I guess we are to expect it, after all it is summer!

We had another little girlfriends gathering yesterday at Jan's, it was just lovely.... Not all the girls could make it, I guess they are still getting over Christmas!

Above is dear Pat sewing the binding on her fabulous quilt, Lynnie sitting there chatting away.

I tell you...Pat is amazing, she puts together the most beautiful quilts, with fabrics and colours I would not think to use...and every quilt is stunning!

Dear Kris brought along her hexagon quilt to work on...Hmm, not too much sewing going on there Kris!....
I think we just enjoy getting together, if we sew, we sew,and if we don't, it doesn't matter!
I managed to get some more help with my sock, Lynnie has me on the right track now and I should be able to finish it off myself now.

Lots to read out there in blogland this morning.
I'll leave you today with hugs and best wishes for a Happy New year...take care if travelling, may 2009 and be everything and all you want it to be...

Hugs x♥x


  1. So glad you all had so much fun...

  2. Looks like a lot of fun and such beautiful projects. Happy New Year Julia.

  3. It really looks like there was much fun to be had despite your warm temps!

    I love your work and will be back to say hello often! Thank you so much for following me. I am a budding quilter with lots of clothing construction and hand work in my background. I am becoming rather addicted though.


  4. Soundsand looks like fun!
    It is crazy here we are in Victoria and it is 15 DEGREES!!!
    Iknow last few years the real heat has come when the poor kids go back to school....Grrrr!
    Happy new year to you

  5. We are having warmer weather than usual right now, but that will change soon. We have a cold front moving in.

    Oh, my husband wants me to ask you if we can come down for a couple of weeks! LOL! He hates cold weather.

    Looks like your group knows how to have fun!

  6. Those are some beautiful quilts! We will have -20 F tonight that is about -29 C ..No Fun:)

  7. Lovely quilts! I just stumbled onto your blog - will come back to visit more.

    Best, Kyra

  8. oh julia...your are right...ALL these gals quilts are CRAZY wonderful!! I just know ya'll had a grand time together!!



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