Wednesday, December 3 crash!!

This morning started off very computer decided to crash!!
If you have sent me an email please forgive me if I do not reply...I lost all my email addy's, photo's, links and all my's going to take some time to get everything back.

On a happier note, here are photo's of yesterdays sock knitting day at Lurline's..
We had a great time, here is Robin (no blog) and I concentrating so hard on knitting our socks!

Here is Lurline, Teena and standing up is Lynnie.
Some of us needed a bit of extra one on one help, me included...Oh Lynnie is so patient and the perfect teacher...before we knew it we were all heads down knitting away!

Sorry about the poor quality of this photo...I just could not get the girls all to sit still long enough together to get a good group photo.
Check out the little basket Robin made and gave Gwen ( on Lurline's blog) for her birthday.
We get to do it all again next week at Gwen's..
Thank you Lurline for the delicous lemon pie, it was a lovely dessert to have after the Subways lunch..
Off to fix my computer..Until next time



  1. This looks like a lot of fun. I am getting to know a lot of you in the group. It's nice to see you all enjoying knitting together and having a great time.

  2. I'm just happy you didn't Post about having 6" of your sock done, Julia - as I said in my email, "you were off my Christmas list!" if you did! What a great day - lots more to come,too!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  3. Oh! Hope you get all your info back!
    I read a blog where the author makes a book each year, & I thought what a great idea... Pity I am so dumb...

  4. Favorite links and email addys can easily be replace, but please tell me you had all your photos backed up somewhere.

    Looks like you girls were having fun.

  5. Computers can be very annoying , looks like you all had fun .
    Clare's Craftroom

  6. That darn comp hey? I know with me, if it's not one thing with it, it's another, though I need a new one! 8-/
    Great photos Julia! What concentration on those faces.. 8-)
    I look forward to seeing the socks.

  7. You really know how to have fun! I'm thinking I would like to learn how to knit socks. Maybe someone can tell me where to begin to learn this.


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