Tuesday, December 2


Just a quick post before I head off to Lurline's to knit socks!...
I have knitted lots of things in my time, but never socks.

Knitted for all the grand kids...there was Thomas the train, Ninga Turtles, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Black Cats, etc... jumpers for Dh and myself.

Above in the photo are a gorgeous pair of socks that Gwen knitted for me in our secret Santa swap last Christmas, the blue ones are what my DDIL's mother knits for the family to wear for slippers around the house, and the tiny pink ones are a great little ornamental pair for hanging on the tree..
Must go and get ready...this will be fun, with all the laughing that will go on, we'll see what the socks will turn out like!..


  1. I think the little tiny slippers for the Christmas tree are the cutest thing! Have lots of fun and share all the news with us.

  2. Have a great time and make loads of the socks, they are all so cute!

  3. Have a wonderful time, love the stripey socks and the tiny ones for the tree are great.


  4. Those little slippers for the tree are adorable!!!
    Hope you had fun with your knitting of socks! 8-)

  5. I had to learn knit socks when I was a teenager and I hatet it! So boring and it took so much of my time. Just plain brown socks for using in clogs or rubber boots on the farm.I rather knitted a sweather with a nice pattern in a nice color.
    But those socks in the stripes look pretty.


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