Thursday, December 11

Socks Progress...heel turned!

After another sock lesson with Lynnie, I have now turned the heel on my sock..
I certainly could not have done it without Lynnie's help. Now you can actually see it's going to be a sock!

I was not very happy with my fist attempt, and you can see the wool wrapped around the ball where I unpicked my first attempt.
I tend to be a tight knitter, my first go at it was way too tight and would have been a bit too snug for my out it had to come and start again, this time it's much better, I needed to relax and hold the needles differently..
This is how it will have to stay until our next lesson...

Off to brave the shops again today!..
Take care.


  1. Congratulations on turning the heel!! I'm excited for you. You are already so talented and it's great that you are gaining a new skill :>)
    Hope the crowds don't get you! I'm not going to venture out until next week...
    Happy Christmas!

  2. That looks so good, wow, well done!!! I can't knit at all, it's always either too loose or too tight ... but my Mum is great at it. I think I'll stick to sewing ;o).
    Joy :o)

  3. Lovely color combination, and the pattern is so pretty! I'll never give it a try, but it's fun to see you do it. =)

  4. It looks very nice! I love how it is turning out!

  5. I had made socks many years ago as a young girl. For my first attempt I made argyle socks for my Dad, what a brave girl I was. Unfortunately, I carried the yarn to tightly behind my work and they made for a snug sock and lumpy looking to boot. My Dad wore them anywaybut i have to smile thinkig about it.
    Your socks look nice. I like the colors.

  6. My SIL, who is of Chinese/Samoan origin, was taught to 'turn the heel' in knitting socks, by a wonderful Dutch lady. I love the way we can all teach each other so much!!

  7. Julia, how very pretty these socks will be and I know you all are having the grandest time together knitting. I like watching your progress each week. Good luck with the shopping.

  8. HI Julia..Your Socks are looking Great I Love how that Wool makes it look like FairAisle without all the hard work....


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