Tuesday, December 9

Silk Strawberries....ornaments

I first made up these silk strawberries as Christmas decorations, they look lovely made up in silk with a few gold beads and thread, also great for door knob decorations..

I'm hoping the pattern will print out the actual size...so just print it off and use as is, have fun.
It should measure 4 1/2 inches along the top and 2 1/2 inches down at the widest part.

Trace pattern onto soft tissue paper with a soft pencil (2b).
Pin tissue paper to fabric avoiding the drawn lines.
Using a gold thread, sew a long straight stitch along all the straight lines through the paper, square by square, stitching a back stitch at each square corner...starting and finishing off securely. ( Follow the lines only..do not join up the squares where they are not joined).

Cut out the shape around the outside lines...through the paper, and then carefully tear away the paper.
Using the gold thread and a fine straw needle, sew a bead in the centre of each square, including the three incomplete at the top straight edge...but NOT the incomplete ones around the curved edge...(16 beads in all).
Fold in half along the straight edge, right side in together, with matching thread, sew together with a small back stitch along the folded straight edge.
With the same matching thread, make a small running stitch around the curved raw edge.
Carefully turn through to right side out...stuff with polyester fill at the same time gently pull thread up, tightening the gathers as you go.
When happy with the shape, pull top together tightly and securely fasten off.
Make a small ribbon bow, with gold thread attach to top of strawberry - leave thread attached.
Make a loop to your desired length with gold cord and sew to top of bow and fasten off...thread a bead down the loop on top of the bow for a nice finish...

Have fun and enjoy!


  1. You are just so amazing!!

  2. I've very behind in my blog reading, and yours is such a visual delight. I don't know how you think of all the beautiful things you make, and have such patience for all the intricate beautiful embellishing. Each new thing is as wonderful as the last and it would be impossible to pick a favorite.

  3. Beautiful little sweeties...
    But I have "0" patience to make sewn items.
    I love things sewn too

  4. wow...thank you for sharing this beautiful idea

  5. Thanks for the pattern for that ornament. It's so pretty, and I see now that it isn't too hard. =)

  6. What a cute ornament idea - I have just found you via Craft Gossip blog! I will have to make some of these.


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