Sunday, December 28

Fabric Therapy...on sale!

I found a great bargain or two on fabrics...
It was so funny, just as I thought though, I knew there would be a quilter or two there buying fabric on sale...we just can't help ourselves...there they were at Spotlight waiting for the doors to open just like me!
"What are you doing here", was the first thing that was said as I walked up to them..."same thing as you" was the next thing said and so the conversation went on, with smiles and laughter.
I did get my lace curtain fabric, saved over $40.....and picked up these lovely pieces of fabric for just $3 a metre + 20% off.... normally $15 a metre, how good was that!
I thought they would be good for quilt backings, but really they are almost too nice for backing.
The front green rose fabric is for a quilt I have in mind and I just love the paisley fabric above it, now that would be nice to back one of my reproduction fabric quilts that are on the go.
The old curtains are down, the windows cleaned and the new curtains are up...nothing fancy, just lovely fresh new curtains in our bedroom bay window.
This is the Victorian lampshade that I crazy quilted and beaded the fringe a few years ago. My lampshade won me first prize in an international competition on CQMagonline
Until next time....


  1. Julia I can see why you won .... that lamp is stunning, I love it!!
    Joy :o)

  2. Your lampshade is just gorgeous, Julia!
    I missed the Spotlight sale! I was busy with visitors & should have gone last night, once they had all gone, but I was sooo tired!

    I wish you & all your family a wonderful 2009!

  3. Whoohoo! Some great bargains - I'm about to phone - sale is extended for a day - can't really see our Spotlight shops being open today, though! I really don't need anything - as I was told recently 'no show with out Punch'!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. You really got some nice fabrics! I love the paisley! Paisley is my favorite design!!

    Love your curtains! That lampshade is amazing! You are very talented!

  5. What a wonderful lamp shade and great buys! 8-)
    Like your "Twelve days of a Quilters Christmas"!!!

  6. the fabrics are beautiful. and so is your lampshade. a nice addition to your room.


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