Wednesday, December 17

Girlfriends Gathering...

It was a wonderful day yesterday, sitting under the trees by the river with girlfriends..
Everyone was so relaxed, enjoying the company, either stitching / piecing quilts or knitting socks!

Here Janet and Gwen wearing a lovely patchwork vest is checking out Kris and Sue's hand piecing...
Here's Pat of Powder Puff cakes fame showing off her finished sock, Lynnie our proud sock knitting teacher looking on...

Not a very good photo, but here are some of the secret Santa gifts.
I was lucky to draw Gwen's gift....the two glass coffee mugs there in front, filled with chocolates and cappuccino sachets, Gwen knitted the cute mug warmers that fit over the mugs....
You might like to check out Lurline's blog a bit later...Lurline took more photos...
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  1. The weather there looks lovely. We have snow and ice here! Yuk!

    Your group looks like fun...tell Pat I love her sock. A pair of warm socks are especially nice this time of year in Indiana.

  2. What a fun time and a beautiful setting for your friends. I love the mugs you received.

  3. Wow Julia! I can't believe you all had so much fun without me! I am the life of the party after all... looks fabulous - so glad the weather cooperated, could have been anything this year! Trust Gwen to make mug warmers! Too funny! I hope to catch up soon...

  4. What a great day - the weather was so kind, too - I loved it all!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic day Julia. Love the mug warmers. I must keep them in mind for another year. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


    Catherine and family

  6. Julia,looks like ou all had a great day.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Lovely gathering & such lovely gifts. I did visit Lurline, & enjoyed her posts so much!


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