Saturday, December 6

Favourite Redwork...eye candy

I've been so busy knitting that I have not done any patchwork and quilting to speak of this I thought I would post some eye candy of my three favourite red work pieces that I just love..

Above is a country welcome which is hanging in my entrance, just inside my front door. It's framed in a lovely rich Jarrah wood frame...Jarrah is unique to Western Australia.
Jarrah trees grow only in the south-west of Australia, beautiful, rich reddish in colour, top of the range furniture is made from this beautiful wood, and used a lot in outdoor setting furniture for it's durability, rot and termite resistance...

I've posted this piece before...this is my all time favourite. I made it into a cushion and gifted it to my DIL.
I keep telling myself that I must do one for myself, but you know how it is....I never get around to it!
The redwork on the skirt and sleeve are highlighted with tiny Delica beads.

This is another favourite piece, I gifted to a friend.
The stamens of the flowers in the basket are also highlighted with tiny beads..

DD is visiting we may brave the crowds and go shopping!...

Until next time.



  1. I just love your embroideries Julia! Your work is so neat and precise and elegant. Have fun shopping!

  2. Oh how I love these old fashioned embroidery pieces. The flower basket is especially a favorite. Interesting too to learn about the wood. Thanks and have a great time shopping.

  3. I just love redwork. Such beautiful embroideries you have done. I have also done the welcome country friends.

  4. The embroidery is absoulutely stunning. Hand embroidery was the first sewing skill I learned, I still find it relaxing. Thanks for sharing Julia! :)

  5. Hi Julia, love your redwork.The Country Welcome stitchery, I have made also, but in blue.Regards Lyn

  6. Love the one at the top. Is that your pattern or someone else's?


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