Sunday, December 21

Dear Jane Cross-Stitch...

I have started working on the DJ cross-stitch that I bought last year.
I am enjoying working on this cross-stitch...I know, I should be working on my DJ quilt and not have started something new, but it's nice to be doing something a little different for a while.
I'll just pick it up and do a bit on it as the mood takes me!
Now I thought the DJ quilt was challenging and took up a lot of kidding this is proving to be just as challenging!
It said on the info to fold the fabric in quarters to find the middle, then count up and over to the left side to begin stitching there from the graph.....I was taught and have always started stitching out from the middle, I guess we all do things differently.
The very first block I worked on, I found a mistake on the chart, so it does help to have some knowledge of the DJ quilt blocks, and an eye for detail.
It will be nice to see it evolve, and each block that I do makes me want to go on to the next...
Enjoy your lovely day, perhaps with a little stitching time included.


  1. This looks interesting. I remember from my stitching days wanting to keep working and move on to the next step! Have fun!

  2. Hope the count isn't too small! That is going to be so gorgeous...

  3. Oh Julia I have also started this cross stitch a few years back, must get out and do some more.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family

    quilting hugs

  4. I had NO idea there was a X-stitch pattern for Dear Jane! That will be stunning! How big will it be?

  5. I may have to get my hands on this pattern. I would ahve started in the middle, no matter what the instructions said. You always start in the middle!

  6. Your stitching is lovely! I also have this pattern, but have not started yet. Have always loved the quilt, but knew I would never do it, so when I saw it in cross stitch thought it was more likely. Would you mind sharing the mistake on it? I was taught to count up from the middle, and begin in the upper left.

  7. This is really gorgeous! I have plans for starting on my DJ quilt after Christmas, and I look so forward to that. Didn't know you can cross-stitch it:o) so fun! Guess many others will join you on this when they get to see it!
    Merry Christmas:o)

  8. Boy I learn something new every day! I had no idea there was a DJ for cross stitch. That's going to be beautiful.

  9. You have just inspired me to drag out an old cross stitch project that needs to be completed. I was working on a Christmas Stocking for my Grandson. When the old eyes started having problems. The stocking is stitched on linen and the thread count is very small. My poor old eyes were having quite a time... seeing the place to insert the needle for the stitches. Maybe now that I have gotten new glasses it will help :)
    Thank you for coming by my blog...Please visit again.

  10. Now that is the way to do a Dear Jane!! This is going to be gorgeous!


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