Tuesday, December 16

Crinoline Lady...SRE eye candy

I'm off to my Girlfriends Christmas Gathering this morning, so just a quick post of silk ribbon embroidered crinoline ladies that was done a while ago.
This embroidery was part of a 'doing your block RR ' done with my embroidery girlfriends.

Here on the right is the one I did for Melanie, she in return worked her magic on the one above for me.
The other six girls in this group called 'Crafty Thimbles' also created some beautiful SRE crinolines ladies for me...
I post about them another time.
Must dash and get ready...looking a bit cloudy outside, I hope the sun comes out and warms up a bit..
Until next time.


  1. You have the most beautiful embroidery pieces I've ever seen. I always want everything you photograph!!!!

  2. They are marvelous. Such detailed stitches and wonderful colors to create each one.

  3. OMG! These are gorgeous!! I've never seen anything like them. You are so talented!

  4. Lovely detaail just gorgeous!
    Now ribbon and wool embroidery I can do!
    I did the pattern of the bunnies when my Babys were comming along....

  5. Hard to pick a favorite of all your Crinoline ladies. And their gardens.

  6. I love crinoline ladies. When I was a little girl one of my Mom's friends had made my sister and I pillow slips with crinoline ladies on them. Not as extravagant as these, but I sure did love mine.


  7. They are all lovely1 The ribbon embroidery caught my eye, I have never seen it before. Is it done like regular embroidery? Do you need a special needle? All of your eye candy is stunning! :)


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