Saturday, December 13

Cq, Underwater Block..

I'm still hand quilting my Hexagon Grandma's Garden quilt...will it ever get finished!
I can only do a bit at a time as I'm having trouble with my hands flaring up with Palindromic Arthritis, I would love to know if anyone else that reads my blog has it, and have they found anything that helps them.
I can go days pain free, then for whatever reason it flares up...
This is a CQ block I did some time ago..
It's been ages since I've done any CQ, this is one of my favourites. I have been meaning to frame it and hang it in the bathroom, but there it lays in a draw forgotten..
The seahorse is done in silk ribbon, just sitting there with it's tail wrapped around some seaweed.
Little shells sit on the bottom, with little fish charms swimming in around the sea grasses, some beautiful coral just had to be added to the work to finish it off...


  1. This is the most beautiful CQ block. My husband and I were just admiring it - it looks like a painting and so life like. It will be a beautiful addition to your bath.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed rwading yours, too. See you again!

  3. Hi Julia, I have problems with my hands in Winter, I use A Little Bit of Relief, DD is a Dispensary Tech and bought it for me.It is in a blue/orange/white box and is in a tube. Regards Lyn PS Love your postcards and I don't think I would have sent them either. Regards Lyn Pouring rain here at the moment.

  4. Ooooh - see you have been Blog decorating, too - looks great!
    Hugs - Lurline♥!

  5. Julia this is too gorgeous to sit in a drawer!!!! Hope your hands get better, will the hotter weather help at all?

  6. It's so beautiful, Julia!

    I have PA in and around my thumbs occasionally. I am given an injection at our little hospital which helps it subside within a few days. Mine is usually brought on by doing applique or embroidery...I found that when it really flares up I can do nothing for a week or so then I gradually ease back in to sewing using felt once the swelling goes.

  7. This is lovely Julie.I aim to start some stumpwork /surface embroidery in the new year and incorporate it into a quilt with sea theme( best laid plans !!!!)I don't suffer from PA but have other health problems which flare up in the colder weather - frustrating !!!
    Take care
    Jan in grotty (wet at the moment)UK

  8. What a stunning block, I hope we see it when it's framed.

  9. I love the underwater theme of the block. I have had carpal tunnel issues for 10 years but I think my time has come to do something about it. I haven't felt the right hand in about a month.


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