Monday, December 1

CQ Christmas Ornaments...

I have made these three Crazy Quilted Christmas tree ornaments to give to a friend...

Are you finding it harder each year as to what to gift to friends and family for Christmas and birthdays?.....I know I am.
Some do appreciate handmade gifts, some don't... I have heard some say that when we give handmade it's because we don't want to spend money to buy...I wonder if they really know how much time and effort goes into making these gifts....I always used to worry about that!

Tomorrow, the girls and I are going to Lurline's, Lynnie is going to teach us how to knit socks...
I never thought I would want to knit socks!



  1. Hi Julia, Your ornaments are absolutely beautiful, how lucky is your friend to get such a great gift.
    Knitting socks? I bet it'll be fun because you'll be with friends learning how to knit them! Good luck!

  2. Your handmade ornaments are just lovely and to me would be priceless because of the love and time you devote to making them. I am getting to know your circle of friends thru blogging and hope you all have a grand time learning to knit socks.

  3. These are beautiful ornaments Julia. If your friends are anything like me, pulling out those special ornaments at Christmas is a joyous time with many fond memories of the special people in your lives.

  4. Hello Julia, you have made a beautiful job on the ornaments.Knitting socks, hmmm not for me, I have not done any knitting for a long time.Saying that a pair of had knitted socks are so much warmer that store bought one. Regards Lyn

  5. Oh they are so gorgeous...
    It is alot easier to Just Buy a pressie...
    How can people not love handmade!

  6. The ornaments are beautiful Julia and all your Girlfriends appreciate handmade gifts! Have fun with the socks!
    Hugs Shari

  7. Your ornaments are very pretty.

  8. These ornaments are very pretty. Knitting socks now.....what else will you come up with? You never fail to surprise me with your creations. You should be publishing craft books or something!

  9. Beautiful ornaments! Looking forward to tomorrow!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  10. beautiful ornaments...
    oh anyone would love those!
    have fun at Lurlines...

  11. Hi Julia!
    Your ornaments are indeed beautiful!
    Most people now-a-days live in such an everything fast kind of existence, that they don't see the value in a homemade gift. Haven't a clue as to the time, love, and care taken in it's creation... Sad, but true...
    For me, most of the decorations on our REAL Chrstimas tree are homemade, and with each one I place on the tree I am brought back to the memory of that person, and the moment I received it...
    I have old decorations that I inherited from both sets of my grandparents, many of my children's school day ornaments, and other handmades. Our Christmas tree is all of memories past, and memories for the future... 8-)
    A person should feel honored receiving such lovely ornaments from you! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  12. If someone handed me such a lovely gift, I'd be tickled pink! Very pretty. As for the socks! I haven't begun knitting socks but I am knitting again after a long period of no-knitting. The yarns out there are lovely. Pricey, but then, so is quilting fabric. Knitting is a peaceful diversion from hectic days.

  13. Your ornaments are beautiful. What a treasured gift. I would feel honored if I were your friend and recieved something that obviously came from the heart. Have fun learning to knit socks. Oh and thanks for following my blog. It means a lot.

  14. Julia these are just exquisite! What a lucky friend.

  15. These ornies are just beautiful. As for me, give me homemade every time. I love receiving and giving home/hand made.


  16. Love your tree ornaments, what a great idea! I think I will make some this Christmas.


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