Saturday, December 20

Christmas Ornaments...these were gifts.

Just because it's nearly Christmas...
These beautiful Christmas ornaments were gifts from friends in a CQ Gathering group that I have been a part of for quite a few years now...

This gorgeous delicate pretty Christmas ornie arrived from one of the girls... Barb E.
Isn't it just the sweetest Christmas angel ornament.
Barbara, is a wonderful talented lady who does bobbin lace, tatting, beading and lots of other crafts.
The angels dress with tiny gold beads and the wings are tatted, the gold lace is stitched around a gold ring with tiny crystal beads.
Beautifully finished off with little glass leaves and red berry beads for the perfect Christmas touch.
I love and treasure this little ornament so much and think of Barb every time I see it...I think I will leave it out now to enjoy more than just at Christmas time..
Thank you Barb E...

This beautiful Christmas Ornament arrived in the mail a few years ago from Rita, another one of the girls in that same group.
I could hardly believe it when I opened the box and saw this...
I think it looks like a little chandelier.
No prizes for a correct guess, just for a little bit of fun, I wonder if you can guess what it is made of ?
It's raining outside...the weather doesn't know if it's summer or what!!



  1. What unusual and beautiful ornaments. Tatting has always been fascinating to me. We had two elderly ladies who tatted and those memories have stayed with me. I know you treasure the time and skill that went into these special ornaments. Wishing you a very nice weekend friend.

  2. They are beautiful Julia! What nice gifts! I am trying to figure that last "ornie" ( I Love that word! ) out..I have to give up and say what is it made of? :)

  3. Love the angle ornament! Being on a ring reminds me of one I received from a friend many years ago... I will photo graph it for a posting...
    Your other ornament there...?...I haven't a clue what it is made of beyond beads...

  4. That beautiful Angel is a true treasure,... but then, any gift given in friendship is a treasure!
    I have no idea what the second ornie is make of?

  5. Wow, stunning. I love the Angel.
    I give up, whats the other one?

  6. Very special ornaments , I can't even imagine tatting something so delicate .
    Clare's Craftroom

  7. That tatted lace angel is very sweet! Love it! She did a beautiful job on it. I love tatted angels and the problem is that most tatted angels don't have a face. I like my angels to have a face so that is darling! If you'd like to see more tatting feel free to hop on over to my blog anytime! I have lots of it there and lots of tatting links, too!
    The little "chandelier" is darling, too! Well, I'm not going to even venture a guess about what it's made of. I'll let you tell me some other time. In fact, why don't you come over and leave the answer in the comments section of my most recent post!?! That way you don't spoil the fun for the other bloggers and you can end this curious "torture" for me, LOL! ;)


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