Sunday, November 16

UFO...what to do!

This UFO has been rolled up and tucked away in my cupboard for a few years, I thought it was about time I did something with it.

I put it away because I just can not make up my mind on how to finish it off.
It's needle turned roses, leaves and bows, with Broderie Perse pansies and bullion stitched lavender on a cream fabric...there's too much work on it and too pretty to be stuck away in the cupboard....but what to do!

I thought about getting it framed, but it's quite big, measures 36" long by 18" wide...
Then I thought about adding a quilted border, but just don't know what colour or fabric to use.
I don't want to use the same pink as the roses and bows as it's just to bright and will take away from the embroidery....perhaps a green!

What to do!.....I really don't want to put it back away in the cupboard, because that's where it will stay for another few years..

Until next time..


  1. That is beautiful Julia! I agree that it is to pretty to hide away. If you frame it would you quilt it first? If you border it with fabric it would need something quiet so as not to detract from the main attraction!
    C'ya tomorrow.

  2. Far too pretty to be left in the cupboard , lovely !
    Clare's Craftroom

  3. So beautiful! Sorry - can't think of anything to inspire you - oh, why do we do these things to ourselves!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  4. It's gorgeous, it shouldn't be tucked away!!! You could always make a bottom half for it perhaps out of 6" squares (cut 6 1/2") in various shades of pink/green/burgundy florals and turn it into a lap-size quilt. If you needed a border you might do smaller squares all the way around. Just a thought :o).
    Joy :o)

  5. Wow...that is pretty work.

    Can you make it into a tablerunner. Or if you can stitch one more of the same pattern and finish it to a round table cloth.

    Or can you finish it as a x'mas tree skirt.

    hope you will get more ideas from other visitors too.

  6. Hi Julia! That is gorgeous work you've done there!!!
    My thoughts as to what to do with it are;
    * perhaps making a lovely welcome sign with it using the blue/purple you have in the flowers for your letters?
    * perhaps a decorative body pillow with ruffle which might be just for looks on the bed?
    * perhaps an upper "tuck around the pillows" section of a patch work quilt?
    There are actually lots you could do with it! 8-)

  7. Hi Julia,
    Its very pretty. I've been thinking it would make a lovely bed "footer". They seem to be on every bed brochure/decorating magazine/real estate photos at the moment. I would be reluctant to put any other colour with it. Do you have any more of the cream to make it to the correct size? The only other idea I could think of was a table/dresser runner for a piece of furniture that is against a wall so that you look at it the right way up. Hope you can decide what to do now its out of hiding. Don't put it back now. LOL
    Julie. :-)

  8. I also think it would be good as a table runner or centrepiece. How is the edge finished off - plain hemmed? Perhaps a crocheted edge around it to finish it off so you can place it on a table or other flat surface to show it off.
    We have a large wooden coffee table in our lounge, and I have a sheet of glass on top of it, under which I display whichever of my embroidered linens I fancy at the moment.


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