Wednesday, November 12

Tuesday Friendship Day...

Yes, another get together...

You may have read on Lurline's blog that we had another girlie get together, what fun!!
Thank you Lurline for hosting a lovely day with friends.

Here we are from left..Teena, Pat, Barb, Lurline, Robin, Jan and Gwen....I was the photographer here today.
You may be able to see on the table the little baskets Lurline and Robin made.
Pat is dressing the cute little Kewpie Doll, and also made the yummy Powder Puff cakes that she has become famous for...believe me, they are so light and to die for!

Barb and Lurline are holding up next year's guild raffle quilt.

Isn't it just gorgeous, there's still borders to go on it, but just looking at this so far, it will be a great success for sure..

Lurline mentioned making is Barb modelling the socks our dear friend Lynne is going to teach us to knit, won't these be great and cheerful to wear in winter...

Have had a busy full day today, so I'm off to put my feet up for a bit...


  1. Wow, looks like you guys had a GREAT time:) Too much fun there. lol

  2. You all look like you are having a great time. The quilt is beautiful. Have fun learning how to knit.

  3. Hi Julia! I enjoyed really to "running" through your blog from longer time. So many beautiful sewings you have done!! Goncrats!!

    I was happy too to see your family well and happy! What a happiness that your husband is feeling so well.

    All good to you everybody! Aune from Finland

  4. You girls always look like you have heaps of fun during your get togethers. Those cakes sound wonderful - any chances of sneaking the recipe??..vbg.

  5. That quilt is fantastic! What a beauty! Love those colorful socks too! How nice it is for you to all get together:)

  6. You ladies always seem to have so much fun! Love the new quilt and socks!

  7. You and Lurline and the gang have too much fun!

  8. Another fun day with the gals... 8-)
    That raffle quilt WIP is absolutely stunning! Will have to watch for the additions!!!
    Happy stitchings!


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