Sunday, November 23

Scrappy Quilts, Tumbler and Sewing Table....

I have been wanting a fold away sewing table like this for ages, it's just the right size for putting up in the family room where I can be with DH, under the air-con or by the heater in winter.
Dear quilting friend Barb was able to source one for me and it's perfect for where and what I wanted, easily folds away if not in use...which I don't think I will be doing....
Here I have set it up in the family room with my old Janome under a window in a little corner where usually I sit and sew. A couple of hours in the evenings and I was able to put together this much of my tumbler quilt....this was so easy and quick to do!

Apple Core's growing!
Still working on my apple core quilt in reproduction fabrics, this is a great one to take away with me to sewing days with friends..
Scrappy Hexagon quilt...just out of any fabric pieces left over from other quilts.
I love these type of scrappy quilts, this one is DH's quilt and one of two that I pieced like this, DD has the other.
I American pieced these and they too were great to take to sewing days, where I could sit and chat without having to think too much about the sewing...

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  1. Nice to see your new table set up - I have been waiting to see it - can see it will get a lot of use!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  2. The quilts look good, as usual. The table looks very handy as well. Is the measureing ruler permanent on the table?

  3. Love the quilts ... particularly the hexy quilt, I'm doing one too but I still have quite a way to go.
    Joy :o)

  4. What a great find! I need one of those myself will have to keep my eyes and ears open. What beautiful scrap quilts you are doing. They are so wonderful to use up all the little extras we have. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  5. Julia your quilts are stunning !
    Clare's Craftroom

  6. Love the new table! Looks super nice! I love your quilts! You always do an amazing job!

  7. I am really loving that hexagon one..but they are all a feast for the eye! Glad you got a new table!

  8. That table is so nice. Use it in good health. Looks like it was worth the wait to find.
    Love the scrappy quilts, no longer have the patience for these!


  9. Julia, I appreciate you visiting my blog and your kind comments. I am always so grateful to learn of yet another blogger to visit. Your quilts are amazing and I love your new table and the fact that it is compact enough for you to enjoy being with DH as you work. I truly love looking through your blog and will be back to visit. Thanks so much.

  10. On tomorrow's blog, I will be awarding you a Meme award. If you decide to play, I think it will be a lot of fun.

  11. I thought about buying a folding table but I was afraid it would shake when I sewed. I have a 6' table that shakes when I sew on it so I have to use my dining room table. Maybe I should get another sewing machine! One that doesn't vibrate so much! Ha!

  12. When I saw your 'old Janome' I saw my current Janome! I still love it, & use it constantly.
    Love that table, what a great idea!

  13. The table looks great and seems to make sewing so much easier. Maybe I can get my handy man to fix my table to become a flat sewing machine table.


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