Friday, November 28

Please Welcome our New Blogger...

My dear friend Lynnie came over yesterday and we spent a couple of hours setting up her blog, please pop over and make her welcome...
We had a bit of trouble loading her pics on so there's no pics on there yet, but when Lynnie gets the hang of it, you will love seeing her pics, she has a great sense of humour, her blog will be fun I'm sure!...

Lynnie kindly gifted me these beautiful fabrics, the ones in the front are Civil War dressing gown repro's, the little bundle of fabrics are 'Yuwa' by one of our Australian designers Julie Wallace...they have a lovely satiny feel to them, just gorgeous!

Pat, who makes those yummy Powder Puff cakes, you would have seen in previous posts sent me that pile of repro fabrics for my tumbler and apple core quilts...thank you

That cute little ceramic car that teddy is sitting in was one of a pair...a Wedding present 47 years ago!

Thank you for coming by...


  1. Julia, I love the civil war gown repro's fabric. Also, the teddy is such a treasure! I will visit your friend right away.

  2. You've been tagged. See my blog,

  3. All of those splendid fabrics are going to be so much fun turning into one of your beautiful quilts. I will stop by and visit her blog, thanks for sharing.

  4. MMM what could be nicer than getting given fabric. What a good idea with the Kiwi fruit knife too!

  5. What a wonderful friend you are to help Lynnie set up a blog... I am heading to there to welcome her now...
    More fabrics!!! 8-)

  6. Great fabrics! I'm a real civil war fan myself, and bought a lot in the last couple of days of shop hopping with my best friend.


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