Friday, November 21

Old House and Basket Quilts...

As well as the little baskets, everyone seems to be making little house blocks, I love the little house I thought I would share with you a house block quilt that I made when I first started quilting.

It's wonky and quite primitive, the blocks are 10" blocks, been washed lots of times and has faded a little, but I love it!
This old quilt is made from whatever fabric I could find on hand at the time... you know how it is, you want to make a quilt and you want to do it now!
There's a bit of every kind of fabric in there, curtain fabric samples, shirt fabric, and fabric left over from the grand daughter's dresses....this was before I knew about Bonnie and her quilts, not as scrappy as Bonnie's quilts, but I think she would be proud of me!
The blue dress fabric was left over from the little ones then dress that I made her...That's why I think I love it so much.

My Dh says that's what quilting is all about, making quilts from whatever you have, not spending hundreds on fabric, cutting it up into tiny pieces, only to sew it all back together again.
Easy for him to say that, but with all that beautiful fabric out there!

You can see here I made it in 1997, which is not really that long ago.

This basket quilt was made the same year as the house quilt, it also is made entirely from curtain sample fabrics that were given to me.

We use it on the bed in winter on top of the feather doona for that bit of extra warmth when it gets very'll be horrified to know that the batting in these two quilts are craft polyester wadding, but they have been put through the washing machine many times and still come up a treat...

Off to do some work..have a lovely day.



  1. Julia these are lovely. I wish I had learned the make do lesson before I accumulated so much fabric but it's just so tempting!
    Cheers! Shari

  2. Oh Julia , These are lovely - you've inspired me to get on with my stash hoard - I've got time off round Christmas and no excuse not to

  3. Your quilts are beautiful. I love making scrap quilts, it amazes me how brilliantly all the fabrics enhance one another and add charm and character. Using anything and everything you can find with fabric is a great way to save money also. But like you, now and then the urge to buy just takes hold!

  4. Hi Julia, I've just been catching up on your posts, looks like you have been very busy, thanks for the reminder of Xmas, I must start thinking about it I suppose, it always sneaks up so fast, I don't know where the year has gone.
    Wonderful to see your grandaughter wants to learn to sew.
    I look at all these lovely things & start picturing my fabric stash, & thinking I must do some more sewing soon. :)

  5. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful quilts and projects, love the House quilt and Basket quilt very much.
    Also you Table looks like a great idea, are they difficult to get?
    Would be great to have in my room were my longarm lives so I could put up my small machine to sew backings?

  6. The Basket quilt looks brand new and is beautiful.


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