Thursday, November 27

Grandma's Garden...still quilting!

Will this quilt ever get finished!!.....I'm still hand quilting my Hex Grandma's Garden Quilt.

I'm now quilting around the border, it seems like I've been quilting this quilt forever!
I can't remember where, but somewhere out there on the net, I saw someone use a gadget for marking quilting lines.
The gadget just looked like a plastic spatula, you just score the fabric with it and it leaves an indent on the fabric to use as a guide to quilt on.... so I scrounged around in my utensil drawer and found this little Kiwi Fruit cutter/scooper...perfect!
No pencil marks to wash off, no sticky residue from masking tape to sew through, it's really great!
Try clicking on the photo, perhaps you can see the indent in the fabric near the green tool..

Must go, I have dear friend Lynnie coming today to help her set up a watch out for a new blogger..

Have a lovely day..
Hugs Julia


  1. Wow Julia, I just searched through your older posts and found another piccy of your Grandmothers Garden quilt ... it really is something!! I love it ... and handquilted too ... I'm very impressed :o)!!!

  2. So very pretty! I will look forward to your friend's new blog too. Have a great time.

  3. Great idea! I'm going to try that sometime.
    BTW, love the quilt!

  4. Hu Julia

    It is a Hera marker clover product and it works a treat. I use it all the time.


  5. Keep going on the quilting, you're on the home run, I must try the kiwifruit spoon, I was going to get a hera marker. I tried a credit card once, not so great.

  6. Hi Julia...I have just found your blog a love the quilts you make - particularly your Grandma's Garden! I look forward to seeing it finished :o)

    Take care
    Angela (UK)

  7. Wow.
    That looks beautiful.
    I admire anyone that can possess the patience to quilt.

  8. That is a wonderfully handy tip I shall have to try out Julia! I shall have to scrounge around in my utensil drawer to see what I can find to give that a go... thanks! 8-)

  9. Hello Julia!
    This quilt will be a wonderfull peace!Just keep doing it!

  10. Oh Julia, this will be such a lovely quilt. I really really like the hand quilting you are adding to this masterpiece!

  11. It is absolutely beautiful! The hand quilting is wonderful:)


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