Monday, November 17

DGD Learning to Sew...

My DGD Melissa wants to learn to sew her own clothes.
She came early this morning all ready to sew!
I am so proud that Melissa wants to learn to sew, sewing has been my whole life and to think my DGD wants to sew is fantastic!...

Now this is a girl who backpacked around the world a year or so ago, loves to scuba dive, loves to travel to see how the rest of the world live. This is her in Peru..

First I taught her to shorten a couple of pair of jeans, then Melissa pulls out a skirt that she loves and has worn to death.."Nana, can you teach me to make another skirt like this" she said.

I taught her to cut a pattern off the old skirt, overlock and sew the skirt that a pin I see in her mouth!

Now it was not an easy skirt to make, with a shaped hip yoke, zip and all, but Melissa just took to the sewing like it was too easy.

Three hours later she is modelling her new skirt... I call it her lopsided skirt, but I'm told "that's the fashion"...what would I know!

We had a great fun day together, and assures me she'll be back to sew some more soon
I'm told she's like me, I'd like to think so, but I can't see it...

Until next time, hugs


  1. I can imagine what a lovely day you have had together! Lovely GD too !

  2. Cheeky girl - yes, sort of like you! What a wonderful achievement in a day!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  3. What a wonderful way to spend a day with the GD, and at her request yet too!!! What could be better!!! 8-)
    My that girl looks like her grandmother! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  4. Seeing Melissa in the first photo, I thought of you but in the second I can only see Reno and his cheeky grin.

    Clever girl with the skirt making, it looks great

  5. She is the image of you! And it would seem she has inherited you sewing skills too.

  6. Lucky Girl! To begin her learning experience using a serger! I've been sewing for 50 years and have yet to buy a serger. I am wayyyy behind the times. LOL

  7. She is lovely young lady and she looks fabulous in her skirt. Great job teaching her.

  8. How exciting! She did a fantastic job! Is she interested in quilting too?

  9. What a lucky girl to have a grandmother like you. My MIL would have taught me so much about sewing if her son had been my first husband instead of my second - lol! We would have known each other 10 years earlier when she could still knit and sew beautifully.
    My own Mum died when I was 20, and I never knew my grandmothers (both died young).


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