Friday, November 14

Confetti Quilt...finished

My Confetti Quilt is finished..
I love how this quilt turned out, it's so sweet and pretty.
I enjoyed making this quilt so much, I could easily make another that's not like me to make two quilts the same, perhaps in different fabrics!

I have also been working on my Grandma's Garden Hexagon quilt .
I have just finished hand quilting all around each of the hexagons in the flowers...28 of them...Phew, glad that's done!
The centre medallion is hand quilted, the border flowers are hand quilted, and I have hand quilted motifs in between the hexagon flowers.
Now I'm thinking of rounding off the corners and curve/shaping the border a little, then hand quilting that while this quilt has been lovely to work on, I don't think I would do another one of these!!

Friday already...Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Your Confetti Quilt is absolutely Adorable and I love frilly edge!Great Job!

  2. I love these quilts! Your work is awesome. I was able to click on the photo to see a close-up of your looks wonderful!
    I have a hexagon quilt my grandmother made and I don't think I would ever attempt one. It looks too hard!

  3. Your quilts are both so beautiful! You are such an inspiration to me...I am learning to hand stitch and quilt slowly and hope to even come a sliver close to your workmanship. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Both such wonderful quilts Julia! Another confetti quilt in different colors would indeed be interesting!
    Happy stitchings! 8-)

  5. They are beautiful!

  6. The quilting on the Grandma's Hexagon quilt is so attractive. And I do like the Confetti quilt. Looks like it could be made in short order if you do decide to make another. Good job on both projects!

  7. I'm lucky - I've seen both these quilts in real life! Just beautiful!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  8. The confetti quilt is gorgeous, I just want to make one now. Love the look of hand quilting on your hexagons.

  9. You are fantastic Julia! I'd love to see the Confetti quilt. Will you bring it to show and tell? It's been ages since I've seen you!

  10. Congratulatons with both quilts done! They are very different from eachother but both beautiful !!

  11. Oh! The confetti Quilt is wonderful! The Grandmas Garden is absolutely stunning! I have a Grandmas Garden, all hand sewn, it is ready (has been for about 12 tears) to see I sewed them all together and now I have the octagons along the edge to deal with. I am thinking I should applique the entire quilt edge to a straight border?? Any Ideas? Then I could hand quilt it..this winter..maybe. :)

  12. you are such an AMAZING quilter!

  13. You have been very busy, it is all looking great.


  14. Confetti is just gorgeous! A lovely girly girl quilt.
    I love your Grandmothers Flower garden too, so beautiful, Julia.xx

  15. Your Confetti Quilt is gorgeous! You did a stupendous job on it.


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