Thursday, November 20

Christmas Baskets...

Couldn't help myself!.....
I just had to make some of these little baskets, it seems like every blogger is making them, so I did too.
Pink Penguin designed and posted a great tutorial on them, they really are so easy to do, her tut is very easy to follow.

My embroidery friends were here yesterday, we had a lovely morning, stitching and chatting, after they left, I thought these little baskets might be a nice little something to give them each with a little stitchery and threads inside that they can work on when they like.

We started this group called "Crafty Thimbles" about five years ago, I taught them silk ribbon embroidery at our local Spotlight fabric and craft shop, after teaching them for a year, instead of going our separate ways....we decided to keep in touch by meeting once a week in our homes.

Three baskets made another four to make...did you know that it's only 36 days to Christmas!
Must get a move on...have a lovely day..


  1. LOL, I'm thinking I'm now the only blogger left that hasn't yet made any of these gorgeous baskets!!! Hmmm, time to fix that :o).
    They look great Julia - fabulous gift idea!!!
    Joy :o)

  2. Hi Julia! The baskets look great! Perfect for little Christmas pressies! (hint hint)

  3. That's a wonderful gift idea, and the baskets are just the cutest things!

    36 days? Uh-oh!

  4. The baskets are really fantastic Julia. I am inspired to drag out Christmas fabric and have a go.


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