Sunday, November 2

Binder Caddy #2...finished

Binder sewing caddy # 2 is finished...

This is another one I can mark off the list... going towards my Christmas gifts.
The spotty fabric looks blue here, but it is in fact a purple and white spotted fabric, to match the pansies.I used a small yellow print for the inside lining.

The inside is pretty much the same as the other caddy in my previous post, but here I have folded a small 4" doily, embroidered little pansies on it and is used as a little pocket for whatever you like...

I don't know which caddy I like the best..on to the next project!

Until next time, take care..


  1. Julia just love your binder cover, could I please ask where you got your pattern from??...

  2. Hi Julia, Your sewing kits are so nice and it seems you make them is a fiffy :) A very nice gift for a friend who also sews!

  3. Hi Julia, you keep making such beautiful things, it's a joy just to look at them.
    Pansies are one of my favourite flowers too, I think the first piece of embroidery that my Mum gave me to do when I was little, was pansies.

  4. I love the binders! The possibilities are endless! Do you have a pattern you can share or maybe do a tutorial?

  5. Hi Julia!
    Your 2nd binder caddy looks as wonderful as your first one!!!
    You make such wonderful gifties! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  6. I love this one even better than the first. It would be hard to choose though. I was wondering how your wash test came out. Beautiful and useful.

  7. Love it! Great to see the spots and ric-rac!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  8. Hi Julia, love your binder caddy.It makes a big difference to the stitchery by adding some colour. Regards Lyn

  9. What a beautiful and useful gift. You did a great job.

  10. Adorable! Is there a pattern or did you design this?

  11. you do so many lovely things! i love visiting your blog:-)


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