Saturday, November 15


I was about to throw out this old bathmat, oh, it must easily be about 12 years old.
Then I saw and loved Lurline's gorgeous Shaggy Bathmat and the one Lurline made out of an old towel......I thought I would have a go at refurbishing this old thing!
Thank you Lurline for the idea and at the same time we are doing our bit for the recycling cause!

Above is said bathmat, before....and below is my new shaggy bathmat.

I thought it was going to be an easy thing to do, but because the mat is chenille and rubber backed I had a bit of trouble getting it through the machine.

I didn't add any batting, just made up the cotton top and stitched/quilted it to the mat.....even with a walking foot, because of the thickness the backing kept sticking to the machine bed..

Have a lovely day tomorrow...Dh has a reunion with his old workmates, it will be good for him to catch up with them, they have not seen him since before his accident..



  1. Looks as good as new and really lovely, Julia! There is something to do re the rubber sticking - maybe something on the surface of the machine - hopefully your Commentors will be able to help!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  2. Funny idea. Regarding the rubber surface on the back I would suggest paper between the rubber and the feeder dogs. I prefer the kind of paper used for tracing pattern for clothes, dont know what it's called i english, hope you know what I mean.

  3. Wow you're game sewing through rubber. Sadly I wouldn't even have considered it. You have been a very busy girl this week. I'm sure Santa is keeping his eye on you.
    Hugs and Kisses

  4. Wonderful idea and it looks nifty.

  5. Love that 'new' bathmat!
    Re the rubber, there is a product which is silicone spray. Years ago, I worked sewing foam backed fabric for coats, & the silicone spray stopped the sticking. It is washable, has no odour, & does not stain the cloth.
    My can is Sewaids brand, multi-purpose silicone spray. I have had it for years though, so no idea if it is still available. Think I got mine at Myers- when it was Grace Brothers!
    I see it was made in Collingwood. Contact me if you want the address.

  6. Hello Julia, what a great idea to recycle the bath mat.Love the colours you chose.Not sure whether my machine would like the rubber backing. Regards Lyn

  7. You two ladies are so creative! I love that idea!!! Looks wonderful.


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