Saturday, November 1

Another Caddy....being a kid again,colouring in!

This was so much fun...being a kid again , I always loved to colour in, and what a difference a little bit of colour makes!
Pansies are one of my favourite flowers, I have them growing in the garden, they flower for months..

I'm making another sewing caddy out of an A5 binder, I have had these crayons for a couple of years and never got around to using glad I did now!
It was so easy...I traced the design on, coloured it in and then just stem stitched around the outline in matching threads, and heat set.
I'm going to do another design and do a little test to see if they wash up well.
If they do, think of the beautiful stitchery and kiddie quilts that would look great with coloured in blocks, like the alphabet, animals, angels etc .....

Well, another weekend already, it will be Christmas before we know much to do!
Enjoy your weekend..


  1. Looks great Julia!!! That is also on my "to try" list sometime... 8-)

  2. Your Pansies are very pretty.

  3. That is absolutely brilliant. I would love to give it a go; so tell me how exactly do you heat set the colors? Please email me and let me in on your secret! If it is not to much to ask. It is beautiful.

  4. What a great idea, looking great.


  5. Ah...colouring books. You would probably understand my yearning to buy kids colouring books when I pass them in shops even now...but I don't. Like you, loved them when I was little, but hubby would think dementia had set in if I started doing that now.
    I love the pink frilled edge on your quilt - much prettier than plain binding!


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