Sunday, October 26

Son's & DIL Silver

Congratulations Joe and Angie... 25 years of a wonderful marriage.

My Dear son Joe-Da-Chef and DDIL Angie celebrated their 25th silver wedding anniversary this weekend...boy! that makes me feel so old..sorry about the red eye Angie, but try as I might, I just could not fix the photo.
We had a fabulous time, it seems like only yesterday DH and I were celebrating our 25th... and our family took us out to dinner..
Joe did all the catering for the was just lovely, I don't know how he does it!

This photo of Joe , Angie and family was taken earlier this year..

Here we are Dh, DD Linda, myself, Joe and DS Laurie, who by this time had been enjoying the food and drinks maybe a little too much!....

Here my DGD Melissa is helping Dh cure something...I wonder if anyone can guess what it could be!

and a kiss from grandad because the cure worked!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend...


  1. Beautiful family photos!
    Hugs ... Lurline!

  2. Congratulations to your son and his wife on 25 years. I know you must be proud.

  3. You must be proud of your beautiful family! congratulations to all!!!

  4. Wonderful family photos! You can certainly see who resembles who in your children!

  5. Beautiful family!! So nice to see family enjoying each other and showing some fun affection! I sure wish that my granddad was here to give me a little kiss.


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