Thursday, October 23

More Yo-Yo's.... and another day out!

Yesterday I had another wonderful day with quilty friends....
Two days in a row out with like minded friends, after the terrible start to the year with Dh's accident, it's wonderful to enjoy some girlie fun again.

Would you believe in my excitment, I forgot my camera again, but Lurline had her's, so I'm sure she will have a couple of photos to show later.

Our friend Pat made us so welcome, thank you Pat for your generous hospitality..(that's Pat and I in an earlier photo)..
Pat makes the most wonderful yummy cakes....and you would not believe her stash of fabrics, it's like dying and gone to stash heaven.
I took that time there to cut out the yo-yo's for my confetti quilt..thank you for your comments left on the yo-yo, the bigger one is the way to go. It does takes up more fabric, but that size does look the best.

Off to enjoy the day at home today..
until next time..


  1. Wonderful that you got to have a girls fun time! Have fun making the yo-yo's; they look great on the quilt block.

  2. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I love the yo yos. Your quilt is going to be so cute.

  3. Good for you for another day out with the ladies!!! I have my day with the ladies tomorrow starting in the morning...I best get myself to bed!!! Yikes!!! 8-)

  4. What great fun that sounds! You certainly deserved it.

  5. the quilt looks really pretty Julia! Your magazine collection is as bad as You girls look like you have great get togethers.

  6. Just popped over from Lurline's...looks like you all had a lovely day out, love your yo-yos..

  7. I have been catching up on your blog!!! I love your new quilt that you are working on!!! I LOVE making yo-yo's!!! I have my THIRD yo-yo quilt started, they are addictive!!!

  8. Oopsy ... I haven't made a comment... yes, what a lovely day and your quilt is going to be beautiful!
    Hugs ... Lurline!

  9. Have you seen necklaces made out of yo yo's and buttons? My mom has made them and I can send you a picture sometime if you haven't seen them.


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