Wednesday, October 8

CQ Eye Candy.....Sewing Caddy...

Here's a little sewing caddy I made a couple of years back, probably a little too fancy for everyday use, but I love it..
I just can't seem to get away from these colours, I always go back to working with these colours, black is another favourite, to me they are very easy to embellish, rich and Victorian, With Christmas fast approaching, have you checked out the tutorials in my sidebar. There are some great gift ideas that might be just what your looking for...

The sun is shinning, the weather man said it's going to be 26 Celsius today, so I'm off to enjoy the day..
Have a nice day..


  1. Yes, a lovely day here today, Julia! Adore your sewing caddy!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  2. A lovely sewing caddy Julia! I've never done any crafty embellishing like you do, but I sure like the look! Very nice... 8-)

  3. I do love this caddy, Julia! And thank you so much for posting it right now - we are in the process of buying a new lounge suite and I have been thinking I had better make something I could use, instead of just poking the pins and needles in the chair arm as I currently do! Your picture has given me the inspiration I needed.

  4. You have done beautiful work. WOW!!!

  5. Beautiful work! Your tutorials are great. I will have to give them a try. Thanks for sharing.


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