Sunday, October 19

Confetti Quilt...more progress

More blocks done for my Confetti Quilt...
Some yellow, green and blue I see I need to space out the yellow blocks a bit further apart.... looked fine on the floor, but it really does pay to take a photo of the blocks before stitching them together..

I'm working on a little stitchery for a Christmas gift, tried to scan it and the scanner won't work...arghh!...still trying to get things right after my computer crashed the other week.
Off to sew, and find Dh to fix scanner...

Beautiful warm day here, summer is on the way...


  1. Julia, I have gotten so much enjoyment browsing through your blogs (of the last several years!).
    What an inspiration you are! You are the most prolific quilter, simply amazing. Thank you for sharing so much of your experience. I have just started dabbling with SRE and just love it. I will be following your updates for inspiration to keep producing,
    Bullville, NY, USA

  2. It's hard to believe that you are heading into summer!

    I don't think there is too much pink. It looks yummy! Maybe if you add a border that will change your mind??

    I like your idea about photographing your quilt. I have made plenty of mistakes that I didn't catch until I sewed the blocks together.

  3. I agree taking a picture is a great tool to use before putting a quilt together; I found three small seams in a quilt I had missed and had to hand stitch them then.

  4. Very pretty confetti!
    I am secretly dreading summer. LOL!

  5. We had a lovely Fall day here...
    Love what you are doing with this Confetti Quilt!! Looks great!! 8-)

  6. Beautuiful Quilt Julia My Mom is a prolific quilter like you! She made a quilt once just grabbing the squares with no rhyme or reason and it turned out great. One of my aunts taught me the way to look at a quilt..and I am wondering if you have ever heard of it? She said make an pretend eyepiece, curling your forefinger down to the base of your thumb...the small peek hole formed will give you a really good look at your quilt. It works for may look strange..but you see things differently that way. So now when someone shows me a quilt I look at it that way, always have my eyepiece with me too! :)


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