Monday, October 27

Bottle Top Decorations....

As I don't have anything new today, I thought these might be something new for you do for Christmas.
I have posted these before but, I thought some of you may not have seen them ...they are so easy to do and with a little help, great project for kids to do...
Christmas is not too far away, and a great time now to start making presents and decorations..

Bottle Top Christmas DecorationsRequirements:
Plastic milk or juice bottle tops with O-ring seal (washed and dried)
Small pieces of plain fabric (3 ½ inches square) or 14 count Aida cloth for cross-stitch
Threads, ribbons, beads, charms any bits and pieces to embellish the decorations
Thin card to back decoration
Braid to go around the outside of decoration
Narrow ribbon to hang decoration
Clear quick drying craft glue.
General hand sewing requirements
A little time and imagination.

Embroider or cross-stitch your design onto the centre of your fabric piece. (Keep the design small so it will fit on the bottle top)
Embellish the design with tiny seed beads, metallic threads, ribbon bows, glitter fabric paint or anything you like.
Place the embroidered design over the bottle top, then place the O ring seal over the top.
Push the seal down as far as it will go to hold the embroidered fabric in place.
Smooth out any wrinkles.
Trim away the excess fabric.
Cut a cover for the back out of the card by tracing around the top and glue to the back.
Starting at the top, glue braid around the outside of the top to cover the plastic ring.
At the top where the braid joins, glue a piece of narrow ribbon long enough to hang the decoration.

Add a little bow to cover the braid and ribbon ends.
Let the glue dry overnight
The decoration is now ready to hang on the tree.
Looks great on door knobs as a decorator piece....
Have fun..


  1. How gorgeous Julia and what a fantastic idea.

  2. I love this ideawith the bottle tops .It would be a good project for my grand children .Thank for that.

  3. Hi Julia,
    Glad to see you had a lovely weekend with your family.
    My weekend turned out pretty good too. I love these decorations with the bottle tops, can be simple or elaberate, & they look terrific, thanks for a great idea. :)

  4. I love the bottle cap finishes - but what's the cat going to play with? ;)

  5. Those are so cute. I just love homemade ornaments on a tree. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cute idea! I'm going to start saving tops. blessings, marlene

  7. What a cute little idea! Recycling at it's best! Might have to give these a try.

  8. My mother-in-law (bless her soul) had made similar ornaments, but hers was a package craft set from Mary Maxim products. I think she made 4 for each of our children...They come out every year... 8-)
    Your way is a great idea for my daughter to try as a craft with the children she works with!
    Thanks Julia! 8-)

  9. wonderful idea, thankyou for sharing,
    Great blog too,


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