Sunday, September 14

Strip O's growing!

A bit more on my Strip O Hoy quilt...and no mistakes!

I think I will add on another two rows to the length to make it a good sized lap quilt...and that will also finish with the rings on all the corners....not sure yet if I will add borders...depends.. the original doesn't have them.

It's a dark and dull day today... may put something in the slow cooker and spend the day sewing..where did spring go!

Hope your day is a good one..


  1. Oh Julia, it is beautiful! I just love the pattern and the fabrics! It looks very old fashioned!!! What size are the blocks??

  2. It looks wonderful! What a great pattern... Yes! What size are the blocks?

  3. Okay, Julia, you've convinced me..... I had better force myself to get the pattern!
    Your quilt is developing beautifully, and I must be blind, because I didn't notice your previous "mistakes"!

  4. Very nice, I really like the muted tones. Or is that just a trick of the camera?

  5. Your quilt looks so nice and warm and you are sewing so quick!
    We have the start of the autumn but some days feels like summer, maybe that's the problem with your spring, the sun is still here .LOL

  6. It looks perfect, I knew it would.
    I love the pattern, and the scrappiness of it.

  7. Mmmm ... just lovely without borders - maybe just binding!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  8. it's looking lovely Julia.
    I was just thinking , quilting must keep you pretty fit, getting up & down all the time to lay out your pieces on the floor.

  9. I think the quilt looks great without borders, but again a border can add to a quilt....decisions are never easy. Have fun today!

  10. I am all for borders! Just me.


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