Friday, September 19

Strip-O-Hoy...big enough??

I thought I would try and finish my Strip-O-Hoy quilt today, it big enough?

It measures 55" long x 43" wide...I have this border pieced from the left overs of my Berry Crush quilt, but that would only add another 4" all around...
Should I keep going and add another four rows making it 55" by 67" before borders...this seems like a more usable lap size....I need to finish with the O blocks..then maybe add the borders.
If I only add another two rows to the width it would end up a square quilt, but I rather like a more rectangular quilt... what to do!

Off to think about it..have a lovely weekend..


  1. I love that quilt no matter how small! Yours looks great! :D

  2. It's beautiful. I also like rectangular, and I like bigger lap quilts, so I vote for the extra row. It also matters who it is for, and their size and what the use will be. I'm sure whatever you decide, it will be wonderful.

  3. I like to make nap quilts so I generally want them long enough that I can tuck in my feet and up under my chin on a cold winter afternoon. Sometimes I rely on the border to add the extra inches and will sometimes use a double or triple border. I read once where borders should be in multiples of size. For example, if the inner border is one inch, the second should be two, the third three. I like a good contrast within the three. Your Strip-O-Hoy looks very fun!

  4. No matter what size you decide on, it is a lovely quilt...
    If you want my 2 cents worth, I would add 2 rows across, and 2 rows down... Rather too big than too small... 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  5. The quilt is lovely. I like rectangular quilts also. What about a stop border then a piano key border. Whatever you do it will be wonderful.


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