Tuesday, September 2

Sewing Caddy..

I came across this cute little piece of fabric with sewing stuff on it, that I forgot I had.
The piece was not really big enough to do much with it, but I thought it would be nice for this little sewing caddy..

It folds up like a purse with pockets for work in progress, a pincushion, scissor pocket, thimble pocket near the pincushion, and a needle book under the label, just a nice size for small projects on the go..

Perhaps my stitching angel lady may like this..

Have a lovely day..


  1. That is such a wonderful idea!!! It is sooooooo cute!

  2. I love your little sewing caddy .I keep all my little bits and peices because they may come in handy for something .

  3. Lovely little sewing caddy Julia! Any recipient would appreciate this as a gift from you! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  4. That's a wonderful little sewing caddy. I'm sure your stitching angel will love it.

  5. Love it! I am always making little things like that, & have given away a number of them over the years.

  6. Love your sewing caddy....what a great idea! Anyone and everyone would be thrilled to have one.

  7. Beautiful, wish it was mine.

  8. I like your 'Strips O Hoy" julia. It looks so bright and cheerful.
    It might be a better size with the borders added. Lap quilts need to be around 54" wide to be snuggly, I think.
    See you Tuesday


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