Thursday, September 18

Red Tote..

I been slacking off and not finishing off my Strip-O-Hoy quilt, I was hoping to have it finished this week, but that's not going to happen now..

I just remembered this little red tote I made a couple of weeks ago.
I'm thinking this may be the third gift for my stitching angel, it's so hard to know what my angel really likes as she doesn't post much on her blog, and there's nothing there to let me get to know her better...

Angel gift # 1 will be this little runner

Angel gift # 2 will be this Caddy..
I hope she will like these gifts and a few other little nick-knacks that I'll pop in the parcel ..

Must tell you, I popped over for a coffee with Lurline yesterday...Just lovely to catch up with her after her trip to Thailand....

Have a lovely day..


  1. Too bad that she isn't posting much in order for you to get to know her... The gifts are lovely, so I am sure she will truly appreciate them! They come from a busy angel, so who wouldn't!!! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  2. All of the gifts you've made for your Stitching Angel are just wonderful! I'm sure she'll love them.

  3. Love the repro prints in the table runner. What lovely gifts!!! Your friend will be so pleased!

  4. Love the red tote - lucky little mortal!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  5. Julia, you are the most wonderful gift giver as I can attest! I love that sewing caddy & love that gold leaf fabric. I had some, but think I have used it all up now. sniff sniff.

  6. The red tote is just soo cute! And the other gifts for your Stitching Angel friend are very nice too. I am sure she will be happy to get them.


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