Monday, September 22

Computer Crash...offline

Hi, just a quick post from my DH's computer, mine has crashed, so I will be offline for a few days!...arhhh!
I think I have lost alot of my latest photos and docs....moral here is to 'BACKUP'

Take care and keep stitching


  1. Hope you manage to get your data back. I have recently taken a disc of all my photos.

  2. I know what you mean, not good I also forget to backup.


  3. Thanks for the reminder to do a Backup! I hope you don't loose everything!
    Been without the internet here myself for 45 hours. Server problems... What a disruption in daily habits...

  4. Sorry about the "crash" but thanks for the reminder to back up everything. I must do that.

  5. Julia. If you haven´t formatted your PC´s HD yet. Do this. From the other PC you have go to
    and download the linux CD they got there.
    Burn it to a CD, boot the crashed PC off it, once the desktop appears, use the file explorer to copy your stuff off the HD to an USB stick or external HD. After that you can procced to reinstall windows.


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