Wednesday, September 10

Beginning of a New Quilt..

What is it about starting a new quilt...the excitement of seeing what it will look like, new design, new enthusiasm...for me it's all of that and more!

I Googled this pattern "Strip O Hoy" and found it on EBay,.
This quilt is a good one for using up strips of scraps, or should I say " scrappy strips" this pattern calls for two jelly rolls.
I am using up the 2" strips left over from my Berry Crush, so these blocks will be smaller and the overall quilt will be smaller... but that's OK with me!
Once I get into the swing of it, the blocks should not take too long to put together.

Off to do some more..


  1. This pattern looks like it would be fairly easy. Very scrappy looking. The more fabrics, the merrier for me.

  2. Looking great - love it!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  3. Looking great so far Julia! A nice and simple pattern! I look forward to watching it grow... 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  4. Love it, and your colors are perfect! :D


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