Sunday, August 31

Update on Lurline..

I guess you would have heard on the TV about the trouble in Phuket.

Lurline her DH, DD and her family including the little twins went to Thailand Friday last week for a 10 day holiday break....I have been very worried about them
Lurline's DD Angela just rang to say that, they are all fine, their plane was the last one allowed in when the trouble broke out..
I believe it was very scary for them, what with all the confusion,noise, shouting, people everywhere...but the main thing is that they are OK.

It seems like they will have to spend the time there in their hotel, as they have been advised not to go anywhere for the time being.
It's such a shame this had to happen, they were all so looking forward to this little break

Please keep them in your thoughts and that they all come home safe.

I am going to visit Lurline's Mum tomorrow, Angela said she is doing well...


  1. Thanks Julia, I was wondering. It's good to know they are safe.

  2. Oh my! Thanks for the heads-up on Lurline Julia! I am glad they are safe...

  3. Thank you for the update, I have been worried about them.


  4. I hadn't heard about the trouble, but I am so glad to hear that they are ok. They are in my prayers.

  5. Oh my! Scary. I'll be waiting to hear they are home safely.


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