Sunday, August 24

Stitching Angel...

I now know who my partner is for the Stitching Angel mystery, but she doesn't know who I am...isn't this exciting...I wonder who is stitching for me!...
This will be me for the next few days a little mouse, quietly stitching away in my sewing room as I work on something for my lady..
We need to make three small gifts, plus whatever else we would like to send, I think something from Australia like a little Koala bear or something...
I do know that my lady likes reproduction fabrics, which is great as so do I .

Above, I am auditioning a couple of blocks left over from my Berry Crush mystery quilt, I'm wondering if maybe I could make a little table centre piece with them.
Chocolate and double pinks are always a favourite for repro fabrics....hmmm!
Perhaps I could also make her something in silk ribbon embroidery as well..
It's been ages since I did any SRE, it will be nice to get inspired again and make something pretty for her.

Ok, off I go to get started...
Have a lovely day.

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  1. Your left over Blue Crush blocks would make a lovely table topper! Go for it! 8-)
    I thought of joining that Stitchers' Angel swap, but I am too knee deep with my UFOs still... maybe next time!? 8-)
    No matter what you make for your lady, I am sure she will appreciate it!
    Happy stitchings!


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