Friday, August 29

Stitching and Crocheting..

Here are a couple of Calendar holder that I made a while back..these are both my designs, I taught these in my embroidery class, and they were very popular.
One of the girls went on to make four calendar holders for Christmas gifts... aren't they just very practical and perfect for that!
The one above is my favourite and done in silk ribbon embroidery.
This one is more patchwork/ applique... very easy to do.
I'm thinking my stitching angel lady might like one of these also...hmm, will have a think about that.

This is what I have been doing this week instead of sewing.
I started my crochet scarf like this...but it was too tightly crochet and dense, so I used a bigger hook and ended up with a gorgeous scarf that I can see it in a previous post.
I had a lot of wool left over, and I know if I just shove it in the cupboard, that's where it would stay forever, so I thought I would try and make up a Doll's blanket with it.
I've just about used up all the wool, which is great, as I am really over all this crochet for now...

I'll just square this off and crochet a border around it and that's done!!

Then it's back to my sewing..until next time..


  1. Love the calendar holders! Great idea for your stitching angel lady!! Great idea for Christmas gifts too! hmmmmmm? 8-)
    Good way to use up your left over wool! Who doll is the lucky user of the doll blanket?
    Happy stitchings!

  2. I love the crocheting project. Such soft, wonderful colors!

  3. I like the caledar holders, did you write a tutorial for those when you did your class?

  4. Calendar holders are so cute! Good idea. I would never have thought of that. Cute doll blanket also.

  5. Calender holders are lovely. I love the Ribbon design too.

  6. Your crocheting project went pretty quickly. How do you square up crochet? You can't just cut it, can you?


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