Monday, August 11

Hexagon's growing!

My hexagon scarf is growing, I just do a few hexagons whenever I get the time, working a few here and there, while having a coffee etc..

You may be able to see by the tape that it's measure 25 inches long, I have at least that much again and more to do...depending on how it looks on me and how long I end up making it.

Hi Lyn, waving to you, Thank you...I have mastered joining them together now, easy peasy when you know how.
I'm loving it, I can't wait to get it finished now!

Candace is having a giveaway for her 100 th post, please pop over and say hello, tell her I sent you.

Have a great day..


  1. I just love your scarf! I would honestly make one for myself if I could actually crochet!!! :)

  2. That's amazing, Julia - You sure have been at it!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  3. I love your scarf! So bright and cheerful.

  4. Hi Julia, I think your scarf has grown more than mine. I have been doing a blanket for a grandchild. I am crocheting everyday while we are travelling. Makes the miles go quicker.

  5. Hi Julia, thanks for sending people my way. I love your scarf, it's amazing how quickly crochet can go. After I tried to teach my granddaughter, I went ahead and finished up a dishcloth, and I've bought more yarn to make a couple more.

  6. What a colourful and gorgeous scarf!! Must get into crocheting again one day, my Nan taught my years ago but havent touched it since then...It is so effective looking...CAthyxx

  7. Seems pretty fast to me. Very pretty, too!


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