Saturday, August 2

Disappearing Nine quilt

Had a little play with the baby fabrics that arrived the other day...

I did have to change the blue fabric that I bought as it was more of a purple/blue than a true looks very blue but it isn't, you can see it in my last post.
Luckily I had this motley blue fabric which is just the perfect baby blue, now I just hope I have enough to do the quilt.
First, I cut my fabrics into 5 inch squares, stitched them into a 9 patch block and then sliced through the centre vertically and horizontally.
I had a little play with the layout, and I think I like this layout the best for a baby boy, as I want the blue to stand out the was great fun!

This is a great pattern for an easy quilt, and once you've done one and get the hang of it, I'm sure it would be real quick to do..

That's it for today, must go and get dinner going...


  1. What a wonderful play and layout of this method! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy stitchings! 8-)

  2. I am always very surprised how quick you made some things, and so nice too!

  3. It is looking really nice, it's going to be an adorable little boy quilt.

  4. That is just so cute! The fabrics are perfect for that pattern!

  5. It all looks nice to me! I still dont really care for Civil War repros. But I do admire other's work with them.

  6. Lovely Disappearing Nine Patch, I made one last weekend... it is amazing the difference when you change the layout and the colours.


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