Tuesday, August 26

Stitching Angel...Runner

Had a great productive day yesterday.
A bit of much needed weeding done....I wonder if you girls in the states have the horrid Oxalis red clover weed, it just takes over the garden, Dh and I weeded out four plastic shopping bags full.
We tried poisoning it, but that didn't work, so it had to be done the hard way....feels good to have that done!

Spent some time in the sewing room tidying and cutting tumblers..still lots more to cut, and have ready to sew one day....really looking forward to that.

Last but not least, put together the Berry Crush runner for my stitching angel...hope she likes it, now two more things to make for her.

I'll leave you with my new motto, from now on it will be..." no more procrastinating, just get in a do it!

Oh, and that's Dh's Poo Bear Lolly Jar...not mine!


  1. The runner turned out great! I am sure whomever receives it will be delighted!
    Happy stitchings!

  2. What a great little runner. Who wouldn't love that? You had a very busy day, and sounds like you plan another one for tomorrow. I have heard of the weed, but wouldn't recognize it if I saw it. Sounds like it works the same way as something we call ragweed - fast growing, almost impossible to kill, must get all the roots!

  3. How could she not love it, it's wonderful.

  4. The runner is wonderful; she will be thrilled to get it. I have added you to my favorites list, I enjoy visiting blogs and you seem to be fun and interesting. Great motto.

  5. I really love that tablerunner!

  6. Oh Julia, One woman's weed is another's cultured plant. I bought Oxalis to put in my planter. (yes I PAID for that "weed") It grows well in shade and has little white flowers on the rich burgundy plants. but then, Queen Anne's Lace is a weed also.

    I remember my mother trying to kill a hydrangea that grew at the corner of our house. It would not die and thrived for years. To Mom, it was a weed. Later I heard someone talking about how difficult it is to get hydrangea's to grow. (I politely managed to stifle my laughter)

    Oh yes, I Love your runner.


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