Saturday, July 5

What's in a Name!...

Have you noticed that I have changed my blog name and signature at the end of my posts?

When I first started blogging, I was told to never use my real name, so I thought and thought about what to use.
I thought I would shorten down my surname to Camille and use that, so Camille's Place was born, then seeing I was very much into SRE, I would have " creativeribbons" as my blog URL and to confuse matters more, I signed off as Ribbonwiz as that is what I got to be known by..

After so many asking where I got the name Camille, and thinking that was my real name I decided to change my blog name and signature to my real name...Phew!, I hope I haven't confused you more!

My blog URL will stay the same, you will still find me at creativeribbons ...

I better quit now before I get confused..

Have a lovely day, and Happy 4th July, I think it's still the 4th in the States.


  1. Well done, Julia! I still like your 2008 pic up the top ... we can't stay young forever, unfortunately! You are still as beautiful as you were then.
    'Bye - Lurline.

  2. I had wondered about the name change so that explains it! It certainly looks like you have lots of great get togethers.

  3. Don't worry, I may be confused now (not really), but one of the advantages of not having as sharp a memory as I did years earlier, is in a few days I won't even remember being confused.
    I like the changes to your blog, and the picture in your last post of you and your friend, both the one from 50 years, and the one from 4 years. Lurline is right, you are still as beautiful as you were then.

  4. Good changes - at least those of us of advancing years will have one less thing to be confused about now!

  5. LOL I hadn't even noticed! I'll have to figure out how to change my blogroll now.

  6. Hi Julia, like the new look blog.

    Have seen some interesting books today and thought of you - check them out at

    I read your blog a lot and admire the patchwork from afar, so thought of you as soon as I saw these books.

  7. I have been gadding about a bit, & hadnt checked blogs for a few days! I found all you nice posts, & your name change. Loved the story about your long time friend.

  8. You know I was one of those always confused and had to go to another's blog so I would get to your's. Finally I got smart and bookmarked it Julia's to keep myself straight. Thank you for the explanation though. And I too was told that but refused to make up a "incognito" email.


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