Tuesday, July 1

Truama Bears

Truama Bears
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Three little Trauma Bears...

The Wednesday cottage embroidery group that I am in are making these little Trauma Bears to give little children who may be in hospital, lost everything in a fire or in Refuge places with their Mums and have none of their little toys or teddies with them.
We can never replace what they have lost, and this is just a little thing, but hopefully it will put a smile on their little faces and let they will know that someone cares and is thinking of them.

Last night I made these three little bears, so quick to do, just simple little bears with a smiley face, I even added some freckles on two of them...I think they're cute, I hope the little ones do too!
Just last week, one of the girls gave some little bears to our local ambulance service, so they in turn can give them to the little ones that they may need to take to Hospital..

Must dash, Lurline and I have another luncheon to attend..


  1. What a lovely idea.

    love and hugs xxx

  2. Those bears look so completely cuddle-able, any child will be tickled pink to receive one - perhaps you could make some pocket sized ones for older children who would love something to cuddle, yet would prefer not to be seen carrying one?

  3. They are adorable. Such a wonderful idea. Children always like to cuddle with something.

  4. I can just see one held tightly by a child, and loved on. They are very cute, cuddly and colorful.


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