Monday, July 14

Redwork Eye Candy...

Redwork Finished
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I'm still hand quilting my GG Hexagon Quilt..
Thought you might like to see this gorgeous redwork embroidery..

I love this crinoline redwork design...
A friend gave me the design, she said it was from her Grandma's stash of patterns.

I stitched this beautiful crinoline lady in redwork a year or so ago, made it into a cushion and gifted it to my D-I-L.
I worked in tiny Delica Burgundy beads to the skirt and sleeve of the dress, they gave it a lovely bit of sparkle
I added a deep red sashing fabric frame around the work, and it really did make up into a beautiful much so that I have been meaning to do one for myself.
Every time we visit and I see the cushion, I think... 'I love it, I must make one for myself'.


  1. Wow!!! I think that is the most beautiful redwork pattern that I have ever saw!!!! I love it! I would love to find one like that to make!

  2. What a gorgeous pattern.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Julia, I have finally acknowledged your lovely award for me. Thankyou, it is lovely.
    I love that Crinoline Lady! I loved them when I was a young girl, & used to spend a lot of time painting little pictures of them. I once embroidered one, & must try to find it!

    I hope you don't mind, I shared your limelight with your son's blog. I really enjoy visiting for the recipres.

  4. That is so beautiful. I don't do the hand embroidery, but I have a machine, and the crinoline ladies that I have seen are some of the patterns I want to do eventually. Yours is very charming.

  5. Olá Julia amei seu blog, alegre e colorido como tem de ser a vida. Tens trabalhos lindos. Abraços do Brasil.

    Maria Helena

  6. So beautiful and so you, Julia!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  7. Julia, this is such a charming picture; don't leave it too long before you do one for yourself. I used to give all my stitching away as gifts when I first started, and my MIL warned me to keep some, otherwise I'd have nothing left for myself. I said "No problems, I keep all the patterns, I'll do them again one day" and she said "Oh no you won't!" Guess what, she was right! I never had time to do any of them again, and I didn't even take photos of them in those days (30 years ago)!

  8. She is beautivul! I envy you ladies that do this exquisite one-colour detailed embroidery! Some day I'll improve to that state!


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